About Us

Bodyrenn is a small, woman-owned, startup business based in Washington DC. The brand is inspired by a new generation of women who have changed the landscape of fashion by breaking old, conventional rules. These are the women who transformed active wear into a wardrobe necessity and have fashion experts declaring leggings as the new jeans. 

Our introductory collection is a limited number of pieces, focused primarily on delivering a high quality product. It is a reflection of the everyday woman who craves functional and fashionable street style while doing activities they love and enjoy.

Bodyrenn was made to go anywhere and everywhere, whether it's to the gym, to school, to work, to the movies, to dinner, to run errands, to pick up the kids, to go shopping, to walk the dog, to go grocery shopping or to get cozy at home.

We hope you follow us on our journey and check back soon for the next collection.